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One stop Shop, from Design to Assembly & Logistics.

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Machining, Surface Treatment & Assembly.

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20829 Itziar – Deba • Gipuzkoa (Spain)
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01200 Salvatierra • Álava (Spain)
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The future Renewable energy for Europe & US and the future for HAIZEA Grupo WEC. Supporting this market since 10+ years, we will follow our customers even deeper on future developments.

Hubs, Main Frames, Main Shafts, Main Bearing Houses, from 3 MW Onshore to 15 MW Offshore


The origin, the reality, where competitiveness, efficiency, JIT, and agility are the base is where Haizea Grupo WEC have been leading the European market since 2003.


Optimizing Designs to Optimize Cost. The most experienced technical team supports our customers on designing feasible and efficient products.

The core, the knowledge, handling on controlled conditions one of the most challenging processes of the industry. Optimized for Serial Production, Time to Market is also one of our bigger strengths.
Pioneers on integrating machining operations into castings supply. To control the Technology, the Quality, the delivery accuracy, the Cost.
The deliver in a good shape, the make sure that our customers and the customer of our customers sees is exactly what all of us expect: Quality, Care, Accuracy, Cleanness, Dedication.
Ready to deliver on a higher BOM level, to make the life easier to our customers by integrating assembly operations. Complete control of sub-suppliers sourcing, BOM management, Quality Tests and final destination delivery.
Closing the circle, being sure that our customers receive with the perfect Quality the goods exactly when they need them. Of course, in the most efficient manner.


We have our own business R&D unit, recognised as a member of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network, called WEC BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY CENTER:
A team of >20 people with the greatest experience in the sector.

Ability to design all the necessary processes and/or tooling in-house, as well as to advise, train or support customers on approvals in developing countries.

We have a wide network of external partners, research centres, universities, local and international experts who help us to overcome any challenges we may face.

ISO 9001 l ISO 14001 l ISO 45001 l ISO 50001 l ECOVADIS